Web Design Services

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Content usually includes:

  • Home (introduction)
  • About you (your company and people)
  • Your Services & Products
  • Information Resources & Links
  • Contact Information

You may already have developed your content, or you may prefer help in planning or writing it.

Some steps in developing your content that we can help with are:

  • Identifying your web site’s goals
  • Researching your target audience
  • Analyzing your competition and web community
  • Doing a keyword analysis to help your site ‘pop up high’ when people do a search
  • Writing search engine-friendly content
  • Helping you create the critical elements of your home page
  • Creating a site structure that allows users to easily navigate your pages
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In addition to great content, you’ll also want a top quality design that creates the image you want to communicate to your visitors.

The color scheme, graphic elements and type styles used in your web site will convey a specific tone and image to the visitor. Whether you want to present yourself as powerful and professional, serene and spiritual or funky and hip, we will create a custom look for your site. We can work with any existing graphics you already use in your marketing materials, or we can begin from scratch.

We won’t just create a graphic to match your style. We’ll also make sure that:

  • your site has quick-loading pages
  • visitors can easily navigate your site
  • visitors can easily find theinformation or products they want
  • the site works well with different web browsers and platforms
  • the site is easy to find by being ‘search engine friendly’, which means making sure your pages are content-rich. Search engines may not list you at all if you have an all-graphics home page!
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While we love wildly creative web sites, we also know that design must serve content and not overwhelm it. Most of your visitors want information about you, or to buy your products and services, or to contact you. We will ensure that the information they want is easy to find.

We can add pizzazz to your site in the form of button rollovers, pop-up menus, simple gif animations and Flash animations. But we’ll only add these if the dazzle doesn’t get in the way of your visitor’s quest for information.

If video or music clips are crucial to your site’s goals and style, we can add them, too.

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Do you need an interactive site with visitor feedback or contact forms? No problem. We’ll put them in.

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If you want to sell goods or services over the internet, we can:

  • set up a shopping cart service for your site
  • refer you to an online credit card processing company. They’ll help you set up a merchant account so that you can accept credit cards over the internet.
  • recommend third-party companies that will accept credit cards for you and host the shopping cart on their own site.

Whether you are selling a few items or a large inventory, we can help you decide which type of e-commerce service is best for you.

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If a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? If your site appears on the world wide web, will anybody come?

They will if you create and carry out a strong promotion strategy and marketing plan. We offer free promotion tips through our newsletter for everyone.

If we design your web site from scratch or do a makeover to your current site, we also offer a full line of promotion consulting services, including:

  • editing your content to make it search engine friendly;
  • submitting your site to search engines, including up-to-the-minuteinformation on this rapidly-changing industry;
  • developing a reciprocal link strategy (trading links with high quality sites in your field);
  • arranging an opt-in email newsletter that provides valuableinformation to your visitors (“opt-in” means that people sign up to receive the newsletter; it’s called “spam” if you send it to people who didn’t request it!)
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We offer web hosting to our design clients at competitive rates. We can suggest domain names for you, find out what’s available and register the name. Our servers are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a secure facility. Contact us for moreinformation on hosting rates and features.

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Do you currently have a web site, but it needs a facelift? Perhaps your current site is hard to use or hasn’t brought you the visibility or business you want. Maybe the search engines don’t find it reliably. We excel at redesigning existing sites to make them even better and more effective. Contact us for more information about our make-over service.

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Adding frequently updated, fresh content to your site is the key to bringing visitors back to your site again and again. Fresh content also is an important part of staying ‘visible’ to search engines — some search engines may even drop you if you don’t update your content! Contact us for details about our maintenance plan.

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