Hawkeye Computer Services can set you up with your own email account. You won’t have to deal with the pain of advertisements or E-Mail addresses that you aren’t fully satisfied with.

Reasons to consider your own E-Mail through Hawkeye Computer Services:

  • You will never have to change your email address again, even if you change your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • It looks very professional. Business owners can have their company name displayed after the “@” sign like Hawkeye Computer Services does.
  • The verbiage after the “@” sign is your domain name. You can have multiple email accounts with that same domain name such as Carol@YourCompany.comBob@YourCompany.comSalesDept@YourCompany.com, and so on. NOTE: Your domain name has to be unique so, as with a personalized license plate, you may not get your first choice but we will check that promptly and find one you like.
  • This applies to personal and business E-Mail accounts.
  • NO MORE SPAM: A separate, expendable email address can be set up to use for Internet shopping. Meade Computing recommends you protect your primary email address by only giving it to family, trusted friends and business associates. This will protect you from the onslaught of spam many people have to wade through in their Inboxes.

Example: Your domain is “@SmithFamily.com”. You are buying a gift for a friend from GiftsRUs (fictitious company) and when you place your online order, you are asked to provide an email address. Rather than giving your primary email address, you give them DontSendMeSpam@SmithFamily.com. If you start getting unacceptable amounts of spam at that address, we simply change it to something else and the spam goes away.

The cost for this service is $40 per year and includes initial setup.